Raskulls rocks the Mana Bar


Raskulls hit the Mana Bar again on Friday night, with a massive turnout of fans to play the game and chat with the development team. With attendees lining up before the bar opened, we knew something big was about to go down!

Halfbrick staff on hand were myself, Ben Vale, Sean Druitt, Luke Muscat and Jason Harwood to chat about Raskulls and our recent iPhone title, Fruit Ninja. With community member Nick generously creating a range of skull masks for people to wear (and subsequently remove so they could see where they were going) we got off to a great start!

Over the course of the night, more alcohol was consumed and more games played. Raskulls was running non-stop on three HD screens, and during the night two official tournaments were played to determine the first ever Raskulls Champions. Expert player Sean took down the first playing as Mr. Destructoid, where Fruit Ninja champion Elliott won the second. They picked up plenty of Halfbrick merchandise for their well-deserved victories!

Packed to capacity for over 5 hours, the Mana Bar were excellent hosts and I was very proud to see everyone in top form! Events like this and the recent showing at PAX East have proven that Raskulls multiplayer is a huge hit. For more photos of the night, check out the official Mana Bar Facebook page!

We look forward to bringing you tournaments online around the world very soon!